Almost touching the South American continent, Tobago has always been coveted since Christopher Columbus came upon it in 1498, with the island passing from Spanish control to British in 1580. Thereafter, with the Dutch and French joining in , it was battled over constantly, finally being ceded to Britain on the fall of Napoleon in 1814.

    One can see why it was so popular, rumoured to have been the setting for Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Tobago is very beautiful – ringed with sandy bars and hidden villages it is a place that eases the mind as it warms the skin.

    Life comes at a leisurely pace; beach life is simple, drinks do not come with giant umbrellas and although beautiful people are welcome, Tobago is not a fashion show but for recalling life as it was meant to be. Pigeon Point and Turtle Beach are two of the islands loveliest beaches and stunning underwater delights await at famous Buccoo Reef including squirrel fish, parrot fish, trigger fish, angel fish in depths of five feet and under for the more snorkel oriented.

    Interesting folklore, a natural beauty including a rain forest which has been a protected reserve since 1776, an 18 hole championship golf course all make this island and ideal destination for a relaxed and tranquil holiday. All villas featured are within a 15 minute drive from the airport.