Scattered over the 80 miles between St Vincent and Grenada are the Grenadines, thirty tiny islands and cays rising dramatically out of the Caribbean Sea. Of these, five have been developed to provide exclusive holiday retreats. Mustique, its manicured landscape dotted with the luxurious holiday homes of the rich and famous, is nonetheless a place to enjoy informality whether dining at Basil’s Bar or attending the weekly island cocktail party at the Cotton House hotel. Young Island is reached by just a short boat ride across the water from St Vincent which, along with Mustique and Union Island, is just a short charter flight from Barbados. Canouan and Petit St Vincent are both reached by a brief ferry ride from Union Island. There are some wonderful places to stay, simple luxury being the name of the game, exclusive island resorts, some little more than just a few rooms or cottages on an island cove ranged around the coastline of a secluded island.

    Whichever one you choose you will find some superb, deserted strips of sand, glaringly white against an aquamarine sea, protected by a rim of offshore reefs.

    Each island is around an hour’s sail from the next making the Grenadines a sailor’s paradise. Why not see them all by combining a week on a skippered yacht with a week relaxing on land?