Known as the spice island, the picturesque island of Grenada is the most southerly of the Windward islands. An island of soaring peaks and lush rain forests, its coats are fringed with spectacular cliffs and long stretches of beaches.

    The waterfront capital of St. George is considered to have one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful harbours, its hillsides dotted with red and orange roof tiles set amongst a canvas of trees and flowers.

    Twenty one miles long by twelve miles wide, Grenada produces spices such as cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and mace as well as cocoa and bananas – it is the worlds second largest producer of nutmeg after Indonesia.

    Ideal for the escapist Grenada is a tranquil haven with friendly people, white sand beaches, hidden waterfalls, excellent dive sites and a clear blue sea. The average temperature is 80ºF and even during the rainy season (June-mid December) it mainly rains at night and if it does rain during the day, it is invariable only an hour or so before the sun reappears.

    As with many of its sister islands, the British and French battled for possession and although finally ceded to Britain in 1783 and gaining its independence in 1974, its French ancestry is much in evidence in the many French place names and cooking with a spicy creole and Caribbean influence.