he Caribbean islands. Columbus believed he had discovered paradise when he first caught site of Jamaica and enthused that “it’s the fairest isle that ever eyes beheld”.

    The island’s rich culture boasts a history that dates back centuries to the colourful buccaneers like Captain Morgan and Christopher Columbus himself. From the island came reggae and songs which have touched people everywhere and if you can tear yourself away from the beaches, visitors can marvel at lovingly restored great houses like Rose Hall, raft leisurely down the Rio Grande or Marther Brae rivers or wander into one of the small villages and sample jerk pork, Red Stripe beer or one of the islands famous rum puncher.

    We think it is important to add that we have found the people to be some of the friendliest of all the Caribbean islands and the isolated incidents in downtown Kingston are, in out opinion, exaggerated out of all proportion.

    Certainly this magnificent island of exotic greenery, blue lagoons, tropical forests, rugged mountains and cascading waterfalls offers everything you could possible want. Year round, Jamaica enjoys temperatures of between 75-90ºF and two delightfully named winds help cool the island – Doctors Wind, blowing in gently from inland out to sea and Undertakers Wind, coming off the sea in the evenings.

    Our villas are all on the north coast and within easy reach of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, the Rio Grande and Dunn’s River Falls.