St Lucia

    It is arguable that a more photogenic island has ever been found, her beaches to the north are blessed with golden coral sands to contrast with the deep blue sea, and with rich, colourful vegetation encroaching right up to its shoreline, we have the idyll which is conjured in most minds of the Caribbean. Yet this island which, despite its popular image, has yet to succumb to the throngs of tourists which all to often change the rustic character of an area. The government here have encouraged cautious but interested growth in tourism and as such, we find a sophisticated level of accommodation, with excellent restaurants, luxury hotels and resorts, golf course and a fascinating marina.

    Our villas are situated at the northern end of the island, which is convenient for the capital, Castries, and the best beaches of the island. Hotels, restaurants, evening entertainment, boat and air charters and excursions are but a few minutes away by road, so we do consider car hire is essential.

    The people are friendly and welcoming and, as a result of the numerous times St. Lucia has changed possession between the British and French, has a great franco influence whilst retaining its Anglo tradition and allegiance. Patios is a major language of the locals although English is spoken by all.

    There are many inspired and adapted Creole dishes to try; all of which contributes to the islands unique and magical atmosphere. St. Lucia is a tranquil, green island where you can enjoy your holiday in a truly relaxed fashion, leaving behind all the worries of the office; a place where new friends are easily made, and where a return is a must.