Mention the Caribbean and most people conjure this beautiful island. On the west side where our properties are situated, the sea is calm and clear, with long, wide sandy beaches sloping gently to the azure water. In contrast, and only a few miles away, is the dramatically rugged eastern coastline whose ‘ramparts’ brace against thunderous Atlantic breakers.

    Vegetation is lush, with coconut, mango and flamboyant trees decorating the roadside. Fields with sugar cane abound. All our luxury properties, whether beach front or enjoying a more rural location are set to take advantage of their position enjoying a near-perfect climate all year round; the temperature seldom rises above 30ºC (85ºF), with the bonus of light ‘air-conditioning’ courtesy of the Trade Winds.

    Many of our villas have pools, but always there is the crystal clear Caribbean Sea close-by inviting your indulgence. Try your hand at snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, water-skiing, fishing or swimming. Whatever you do, the water is invigorating and is ideal for recharging depleted batteries. On land, life is at an easy pace.

    There is no need to hurry; leave behind the rat race of the industrialised world; take things easy, unwind. Why worry when the sun will always shine tomorrow. Play some tennis, or have a round of golf. Watch the horse racing or take a drive. Relax in the shade with a run punch. There is much to do and time to do it.

    Dining is a delight – being an island, fish is one of the staple foods, and Barbados is famous for its flying fish, served with herbs in a variety of ways – it is a must for everyone to try. Other fish include Snapper, Grouper and Kingfish all cut into steaks and served in the creole style, if you prefer, your cook will prepare you a steak and this too will be marinated in the Bajan style to bring you the special island-flavour. Finish your meal with a selection of delicious local fruits – pineapple, mangoes and bananas. On the night you want to give your cook time off, try some of the local restaurants, join in a ‘jump up’, watch a floor show, dance under the stars. It’s all there and all in Barbados.