Yachting around Greece ?>

Yachting around Greece

Greece, the city of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, is a popular holiday destination for many across the world. The city, with its rich history, impeccable weather and extravagant cuisine has a lot to offer. Discover the unusual trails and explore a side of Greece that only a few have laid eyes upon. Even better with a yacht or boat you can enjoy all of its hidden gems on your own terms, like a tourist, without the helping hand of a tour guide. Make the most of your time in Greece exploring its graceful coastline and its beautiful islands with a private yacht.

Sample Itinerary

  • Athens, the land of Gods and Goddesses is rich in history and architecture. There’s much to see in the city itself. The abandoned but beautifully designed temples, the acropolis and all the ancient history these structures have to offer is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. With a yacht its possible to head to Kea and explore the island’s serenity and enjoy the best possible sea food Greece has to offer.
  • Visit the unexplored yet enchanting island Tinos. Explore its local villages and the Greek-Orthodox religion where hundreds of pilgrims journey to every year. From there, the nearest route leads to Mykonos, the island of indulgence and stunning beaches. It’s the best place to relax and unwind.
  • Once relaxed and ready to move again, explore the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo which is just a short distance away from Mykonos. Dalos and Paros are quite popular for its exquisite beaches and restaurants.
  • To know more about the history of Greece, visit the historically significant island Los, the place where Homer was buried. With Los in the bag, Yialos would be the next best destination. It’s pretty near and it’s know for being the best place for skinny dipping.
  • Next, discover the picturesque island of Apollo. Siifnos, with its green valleys and medieval towns, is sure to mesmerize anyone. Away from the peace of Siifnos is Kastro, a small town with a tiny population but lots of energy. Once done buying souvenirs from Kastro, one may sail to Serifos.
  • Serifos with its infinite charm stands out in its own unique way. It’s know as the island of Perseus and Cyclopes. It has much to offer with its history, amazing beaches, its people and their stories of old legends and, of course, good food. With the hustle and bustle of Serifos out of the way, visit Kithnos and Elba to experience tranquil and rare beaches. These places are not visited by usual tourists hence, you might get the whole beach all to yourself.
  • Last but not the least if the mythical island of Capri. This island was mentioned in Odysseus of Homer due to its scenic beauty. There’s much to explore and see in Capri, the most interesting of which is the I Faraglioni, a geological formation worth sailing to. Apart from that, there’s the Green Grotta, a network of caves underneath a cliff. There’s also the Belvedere Cannone where you’ll get to visit the Grotto of Ferns, a prehistoric station where the findings date to the Palaeothic era and the Bronze age have been found.

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