The Monaco Grand Prix ?>

The Monaco Grand Prix

When you think of Monaco, the first thing that comes to mind is glamour and wealth. The location is steeped in a rich and colourful history and many celebrities flock there each year for rest and relaxation. Here, you can watch the Grand Prix every year. This place even outshines Las Vegas, which is famous for its colourful casinos. Perhaps the main attraction of this principality is the fact that it’s a tax haven. The local lifestyle also adds to the allure. To top it all, you can find the most expensive super yachts moored in Monaco harbour.

Best viewed from the yacht club

The yacht club is the symbolic centrepiece of the remodelled harbour front in Monaco. It is a celebration of the principality’s stunning coastline and sailing heritage. If you want to get closer to the action during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, you can hire a yacht. The cars race down right past the moored super yachts in the harbour. Chartering a yacht will provide you with the ultimate experience of the race, with optimum viewing available for groups of guests, and accommodation available for more than thirty people.

While you’re here, you can attend the four-day Monaco Yacht Show. It is the world’s biggest international yachting exhibition and it will take place from the 24th to the 27th of September 2014. Over 33,000 participants took part in last year’s event and the latest edition promises to be even more spectacular. Hundreds of events are held during these four days, and there is something for everyone to indulge in. One can watch the change of guard, go to a casino or visit The Oceanography Museum. Nowadays, parts of the Palace and State Department are open for tours. You can also have an opportunity to board super yachts in prestigious locations.

To make a proper impression, rich people arrive on a yacht the size of a soccer pitch. Among the largest vessels to have graced Monaco was the Quattrolle, an 88 meter super boat with glass chandeliers, bronze balustrades, grand piano and marble floors, enough evidence that expensive toys have made a comeback. To charter the yacht costs a million dollars a week and the super yacht even had a helicopter perching on one of its decks, while a Porsche Spyder was parked on the other deck. If you’re impressed enough to want to own this boat, you should be prepared to part with $40 million. The boat will then take pride of place in the harbour looking up at the monaco real estate priced in the billions that overlook the small shoreline. This is just one aspect of the hedonistic lifestyle that you can expect to find here.


In and around Monaco

Monaco is well known for being a playground to the rich and famous, and a trip to this destination provides the opportunity to live like the elite for a short while. There are a number of attractions to enjoy while there, with the following being some of the best.

Monte Carlo Casino

A casino has been a feature of Monaco since the 1850s and the present complex is one of the highlights of a visit. Many have tried to break the bank at Monte Carlo and while you may not be able to do this, a visit to enjoy the sights of this famous venue is a definite must. There is plenty to keep visitors entertained and this includes gambling at the tables, enjoying a meal, or taking in a show.


Larvotto Beach

Those that just want to relax in the sunshine will find Larvotto Beach one of the best places to do this. It is one of the public beaches in Monaco, so is open to anyone that wants to enjoy the delights of sea and sand. The board-walk along the rear of the beach has plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars to enjoy some refreshments, and activities for anyone that wants to get in the water include jets skis and windsurfing.

Prince’s Palace

A visit to this impressive building will show how the royalty of the country live. It is the residence of the ruling monarch although parts of it are open to the public. Things to see include the state apartments where official functions take place, the beautiful artwork on display, and a collection of antique cars. These are only a few of the highlights though, and a tour of the palace is a worthwhile experience to take in some of the history of the royal family.


The Old Town

Known as Monaco-Ville, this area is set out on a large rocky promontory jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea. It has a history dating back to the Middle Ages and a day spent wandering around its narrow streets provides the chance to see attractions such as the Place St. Nicholas, the previously mentioned Oceanographic Museum, and remnants of the original city walls. The views out over the water from many places around the old town are also worth seeing.

The impressive vessels of many wealthy businessmen and celebrities can often be seen moored along the shoreline of Monaco. A yacht trip to join them is an exciting adventure and the many attractions provide something for everyone. Visit a few of those shown above to enjoy a vacation to remember.


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