The best apps for travel foodies ?>

The best apps for travel foodies

Are you a self-confessed foodie? Do you know the ins and outs of most of the cafés and restaurants near you? That’s great! But what about if you’re planning on travelling somewhere? How are you going to survive if you don’t know where does the best lattè macchiato or which steakhouse has your T-bone preference down to a tee.

Don’t panic – there’s no need to cancel your holiday just yet! If you have a smartphone download these apps and avoid a food faux pas!

TripAdvisor – free

If you’re an avid traveller you probably already have this app. It’s not just for attraction reviews, you can also find out what other users thought of certain restaurants in the vicinity. Just typing in the town or city’s name in the search box brings up a list of all eateries with the highest rated one being first. To narrow it down you can also select the cuisine you fancy, the price you’re willing to pay and what type of dining you’d like (for example, à la carte or buffet) and then pick from the results given.

Foodspotting – free

This app’s different from TripAdvisor in that the food is reviewed rather than the restaurant itself. You take a photo of the dish you’ve ordered, upload it and write what you thought of it. Other users can also write their thoughts on the dish too. So when you’re in a new area and don’t know where to go, the app will find your location and show you reviews of food in nearby restaurants as well as photos. You can also bookmark any foods that look particularly tasty that you want to try another time. We all know that many dishes don’t look much like their photos so this app is perfect to find out if they really look that delicious…or if you’ve just lost your appetite forever.

Word Lens – free

So you have a perfect idea of what you’re after, you open the menu in anticipation and… can’t make heads nor tails of it. The waiter apologises for not having any English menus so what are you supposed to do now? Just point at one with a nice sounding name and hope you don’t get something too exotic? NO! Download Word Lens, hold your phone over the sentence you want translating and see the English words appear before your very eyes! Phrasebooks are all fine and dandy, but do you really have ten minutes to look up each word? Thought not!

Urbanspoon – free

This app is a little different from the rest in that it’s like a little fruit machine game, which helps you decide where or what you want to eat. You shake your phone (or press the ‘shake’ button) and the three columns (area, cuisine and price) will spin and give you a result. If one of the columns looks good, you can lock it and spin the other two again until you get what you want. It’s great if you’re indecisive.

Hungryhouse – free

Sometimes you get back to your hostel/hotel/tent after a day of sightseeing with the intention of freshening up then heading out to dinner, but once you sit down you lose all hope of being able to get up again. You’re getting hungry though, but what can you do? If you have hungryhouse’s app you can just type in your postcode and you’ll be presented with nearby restaurants. Order from whichever one looks the most tempting and wait for the delivery. It couldn’t be simpler! There are thousands of restaurants to choose from so whether you want tasty Thai food or scrumptious sushi you’ll find it here.

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