Preparing for an extended holiday ?>

Preparing for an extended holiday

The time has finally come. You’ve committed to taking that trip around the world that you’ve always dreamed of and are making the necessary preparations. One of the first things that you need to consider is what items you should leave behind or sell before going abroad.

  Take Inventory

The first step in minimizing your possessions is to sort through them all. This could be a hefty or insignificant task depending on how much you own. At this point, you should be keeping track of things that you no longer use and items that would no longer be of use to anyone else. Also, consider the items that you regularly use and whether or not they will be of use in your travels.


After taking an inventory of your possessions, it is necessary to arrange these items systematically to maintain order. Items that may be of value to others should be prepare to be sold for travelling funds or donated. Things that are of no use to yourself or others should be recycled or properly disposed of. Items that you will use during your journey should be set aside and prepared for packing. Additionally, the items that are still of use to you but will not be accompanying you should be prepared for and placed in storage.

Sell and Donate

If you have possessions that are of value to others, there are a few ways to find a buyer. A garage sale is one way to sell some of your unwanted things. Another option is to create an online classified ad, such as those listed on Craigslist. This is a free way to sell to individuals in your area that won’t require costly shipping. EBay also allows you to reach a broader audience if you’re unable to sell locally.

If you can’t sell all that you had hoped, donate items to a local charity. Additionally, you can use Music Magpie for selling your unwanted games and other parts of your entertainment collection. This will ensure that the items will be put to good use and you will be helping someone less fortunate.

Arrange Storage

If there are things you wish to store until you return from your world travels, it’s important to take care when packing and storing them. Wrap fragile items in newspaper or bubble wrap and pack in secure containers. Be sure to label boxes as this will make unpacking them later much easier.

Finding a suitable place to store your items can prove difficult. If you have a family member or trusted friend with the extra space, placing your items for safekeeping in their homes is a free and reliable way to store your goods. If this is not an option, you should research rentable storage space. There are units of various sizes, levels of security and cost, so choose the most economical option that suits your needs.

After completing the aforementioned tasks, your worldly possessions will be fewer and you will be one step closer to taking the trip of a lifetime. Bon voyage!

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