Packing for a summer holiday ?>

Packing for a summer holiday

Planning a summer vacation is one of the most exciting parts of the year for people who enjoy to travel. From exotic locations all over the world, to serene nearby beaches, to vibrant cities, there are all kinds of appealing summer destinations. But even if you pick out the perfect destination, there’s nothing more frustrating than arriving there only to find you haven’t packed everything you need! So here’s a quick reminder of 10 items to pack on your summer trip (in addition to the obvious basics).

1. Pleasure Reading

Nothing’s better than reading a good book on a relaxing beach, and nothing’s more convenient than having one on a plane ride or long car trip!

2. Sunscreen

A sunburn is one of the fastest ways to ruin a summer vacation. Go ahead and stock up on sunscreen before you go, so you know you won’t have this problem.

3. Warm Clothes

At most summer destinations, there are a few cold places you’ll want to hang out – whether that means an air-conditioned room at night, or out on the beach after the sun goes down. Bring a sweatshirt and sweatpants, just in case.

4. Extra Bathroom Supplies

From shampoo and soap, to basic hygiene, and even extra contact lenses, it’s best to bring ample toiletries. These can be hard to find in some destinations.

5. Relevant Equipment

If you have equipment you might need on vacation – hiking boots, a snorkel, etc. – try to pack it with you! Renting this equipment is more convenient, but can cost a good bit of money.

6. Phone Chargers

You’ll probably want your phone handy on vacation, even if you won’t be using it much, so don’t forget your chargers.

7. Flip-Flops

If you’re travelling from a home where you don’t often wear flip-flops, don’t forget to pack them for summer vacation! No footwear is more convenient at warm destinations (particularly beaches).

8. Translation Aids

If you’re going someplace where they speak a different language, you’ll want a translation aid on hand. It might be a guidebook, or these days even a phone app, but it will surely help you get around your destination!

9. Day Bag

Try to pack a small bag to tote around while you’re on vacation. It’s nice not to have to return to the hotel every time you need something like a camera, sunscreen, etc.

10. An Actual Camera

Speaking of cameras, try to bring a real one – not just the one on your phone. There will be places you won’t want to take your phone while on vacation, and having all of your photos conveniently taken with a high quality device will be ideal.

Must pack items for any holiday

Universal adapter.

If you are going for so long, you are going to bring a few electrical goods. I had my laptop, phone camera, I Pad as well as a hair dryer; unfortunately Spain does not use the same sockets as England. This meant that the first ten days I couldn’t use anything, not because I couldn’t buy an adapter once I was there, but I was far too busy doing other things to remember to buy one until I started getting desperate. It is much easier to take one in the first place.

A method of calling home.

If you are going to stay out for as long as I did in Spain, you are going to want to share what you are doing with your friends and family that weren’t lucky enough to come with you and you are going to want to be kept in the loop about what is going on back home. Personally I have always used Rebtel as they have a really reliable service. As long as the person on the other end has the same set up, (which I ensure my family does) I get free calls from android. After this trip and many of my friends having had the same problem, so I recommended the iPhone calling app to them.

Translating device.

This can be a range of things, you could get  a phone app, a booklet or even one of them type in devices, but make sure that you have some way of getting your message across to the locals. This is very important if you get lost or you need to meet up with your friends in a given location. I would even recommend reading up on the basics just so you can manage when you are ordering food or taxis!


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