Package Holidays vs. Independent Travel ?>

Package Holidays vs. Independent Travel

The increase in the number of cheap flight operators online has seen people exercising a more flexible approach to their holidays. Needless to say, package holidays are still a popular option, but if you’re considering trying something new, then it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons of both.

Freedom of movement

Booking your holiday independently can offer a lot more freedom when it comes to the structure of your getaway. Package holidays are often for seven, ten or fourteen nights, so if you’re planning on going away for a long weekend or even a month, they can often be inflexible.

As for expense, budget airlines have made travel to the furthest corners of the world affordable, meaning cost isn’t always an incentive to book a package holiday these days. However, travel agents have been forced to compete, so there’s often not too much of a cost difference between package holidays and independent travel. If you can’t decide which to go for, research both options first and see if there’s a price difference.

Convenience of a package deal

Convenience has to be the main appeal of package holidays, and there’s no doubt that they’re quick and easy to book. It’s also nice to have to the option to go into a travel agent and speak to someone about the details of the package, so you can feel assured that it’s suited to your preferences.

A downside to independent travel is security. With package holidays, you can rest assured knowing that you have a fully comprehensive insurance policy, so if anything goes wrong you’ll easily be able to make a claim.  If you decide to book independently, claiming can be a little tricky when you don’t have the support of a travel agent, and getting smaller hotels and hostels to pay up can be difficult.

It used to be the case that independent travel was the best option if you wanted a more exotic or adventurous trip, but package holidays have caught up and you can now make trips all over the world by booking one.

So, if you want security, support and an easy booking process, a package holiday will probably be the option for you, so check out what’s on offer. If you don’t mind hunting around though, you can make it cheaper by booking your trip independently, plus there’s that added sense of adventure. Can’t decide where to go? Then check out this article for some inspiration.

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