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General Information

Booking Conditions

When you make your booking, you must complete a Booking Form, accepting on behalf of all your party the terms of these booking conditions which are governed by English Law and we both agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts at all times. When you make your booking, you must pay your deposit/balance:-

  1. Deposit: 30% of total villa cost (50% Xmas period & all Mustique villas)
  2. £250 per person per hotel booking
  3. Plus flight deposit plus insurance premium
  4. If within 10 weeks of departure, the full balance must be paid

A contract will exist as soon as we issue our confirmation to you or, in the case of a late telephone booking, as soon as you advise us to confirm i.e. on receipt of payment. The balance is due 10 weeks prior to departure and if not received by the balance due date on your confirmation/invoice, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday, retain your deposit, and apply cancellation charges. Special payment terms apply for the Christmas and New Year period and will be advised at the time of booking.

Alterations by You

If, after our confirmation has been issued, you wish to alter any of the arrangements made, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes and a charge of £50 per alteration will be made plus any further costs we may incur by making this alteration. You should be aware that these costs increase closer to the departure date that changes are made and you should contact us as soon as possible. Amendment charges will not apply to additional arrangements such as car hire or extra persons. Please note that certain travel arrangements, including most air tickets, cannot be changed or cancelled without incurring up to a 100% cancellation charge.

Cancellation by You

Should you wish to cancel your holiday, the person who signed the booking form must make the cancellation in writing. As this incurs administrative costs, we will retain your deposit and in addition may apply cancellation charges to the maximum shown below. Under certain circumstances we are forced to vary our cancellation terms and charges. Whenever this applies you will be advised at the time of booking. Our standard cancellation charges are:

Period before departure within which written cancellation is received.

Period Hotel Accom. Only Villa Accom. Only Accommodation & Flight Inc. Package & Flight Only
More than 42 days Loss of deposit Loss of deposit Loss of deposit
42-29 days Loss of deposit
50% of accom. cost
… whichever is greater
100% 100%
28-0 days 100% 100% 100%
Christmas /
New Year
Different cancellation terms apply and will be advised at time of booking.


Alterations by Us

The arrangements featured in our brochure are planned many months in advance and changes can occur for a variety of reasons after we have published the brochure. Most would be minor in nature and should not affect your holiday enjoyment. We will do our best to advise you of any changes either at the time of booking or before departure. However, sometimes a major alteration has to be made to your booking. These are changes that involve a change of departure airport, overseas resort, date of departure, outward/return flights by more than 12 hours. In this event we will notify you as soon as possible and you will have the option of (a) accepting the changed arrangements or (b) purchasing another holiday from us (if the selected holiday is less expensive than the original, we will refund the difference but if it is more expensive, you will be charged the difference or (c) cancelling your holiday.

If you elect to cancel, we will refund all monies paid to us. In addition, whichever option you choose, we will pay compensation as follows:

Period before departure (compensation per person) within which a major change has been notified to you. Compensation per person
More than 56 days Nil
56-29 days £20
28-15 days £30
14-0 days £40

Important note:
Compensation payments do not apply to changes caused by force majeure i.e. war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, strikes or other industrial disruption, natural disasters, fire, technical problems with transportation, airport closures, quarantine, epidemics, weather conditions, movement action, or other events beyond our control. Should changes become necessary during your holiday for reasons of force majeure, we cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or expense and no refunds will be given.

Cancellation by Us

Unfortunately we must reserve the right to cancel. However we will only cancel after the date your balance is due if (a) you have failed to pay the final balance or (b) as a result of circumstances beyond our control i.e. we are unable to provide the holiday booked in which case we will refund all monies paid or offer an alternative holiday (see alterations by us). Circumstances beyond our control exclude cancellations forced by ‘force majeure’.

Our Liability to You

We accept responsibility for ensuring the holiday you book is as described in our brochure and the services offered reach a reasonable standard. In addition, we accept responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of our employees. Our liability in all cases shall be limited to a maximum of twice the costs of your travel arrangements. If you or any members of your party suffer death, bodily injury or illness arising from the negligence of our suppliers, their subcontractors, servants and/or agents, we will accept responsibility providing that they were acting in the scope or course of their employment when the accident occurred. In respect of transport by air, sea or rail then obligations and liabilities are limited in the manner provided by the relevant international convention. Should any payment be made to you or any member of your party by us in any of the circumstances referred to in this section, we reserve the right to claim in your place against the person or organisation responsible for causing the illness, injury or death. This means you must agree to assign that part of your rights to us and we will be subrogated to those rights. Should you or any member of your party suffer illness, personal injury or death through any misadventure arising out of activity which does not form any part of your holiday arrangements, nor any part of any excursion sold through us, we shall offer you every service we can and this includes advice, guidance, initial financial assistance where appropriate to the limit of £5000 per person. Should you be successful in obtaining costs against any insurance policy(ies) you may have, or a third party, we will be entitled to recoup the costs incurred by us. We must receive all requests within 90 days of the misadventure.


The price of the accommodation in our brochure, which will be confirmed at the time of booking, is in pounds sterling. The prices are a guide price only and will be confirmed at the time of booking. Once a booking has been confirmed the price may only be increased should transportation costs increase e.g. fuel, scheduled airfares and any other airline surcharges which are part of the contract between airlines and the agents and/or the tour operators, which are generally increased due to government action.

Passports and Visas

It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid 10-year passport, your driving license if you have hired or intend on hiring a vehicle, and any visa which may be necessary. Certain islands require a minimum of 6 months validity remaining on your passport. Please contact us to check if this is applicable to your destination. Visas are not required for British citizens visiting the Caribbean. Non British passport holders may require a visa and must check with the Embassy of the country they are visiting. All children including infants 0-2 years require their own passport.


All accommodation must be vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure unless prior arrangements for a late departure have been made. Check-in time is normally 4pm. In the case of villa holidays, sometimes a telephone and/or security deposit is required and you will be advised if this applicable to your booking: also, although local taxes are included in the villa rental price, gratuities generally are not. If you need advice contact the local booking agent.


We act as agents for the relevant carrier which will be disclosed on your documentation. We reserve the right to substitute the carrier if necessary. When we have confirmed your booking, a contract exists under which we accept responsibility for the provision of all services described on our invoice. However, all airlines are subject to operational delays, changes of routing, aircraft or carrier over which we have no control. When such changes are made, we will do our best to minimise any inconvenience any such change may cause. Flight times and prices will be advised at the time of booking but are always subject to change. Please check your tickets upon receipt for your final confirmed flight times. We regret we cannot accept liability for any delay to your flight. In such circumstances you may be able to claim on your insurance – please check your policy for details. On occasions where a special offer airfare has been used and the balance paid on the flight, this element of the holiday is totally non-changeable and non-refundable.

Financial Security

If you have booked accommodation and flights with us, the total holiday is ATOL protected, since we hold an Air Travel Operators Licence granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. In the unlikely event of our insolvency, the CAA will ensure that you are not stranded abroad and will arrange to refund any money you have paid to us for an advance booking. For further information visit the ATOL website at Accommodation only holidays (i.e. booked without flights) are financially protected by our ABTA bond (V441X).


If during the course of your holiday you have any reason for complaint or dissatisfaction, you must contact our resort representative or agent or accommodation manager, who will do their best to solve any problems on the spot. If they are unable to solve the matter to your satisfaction, please contact us on (44)1625 858158. If, after your return, you are still not satisfied you must notify us in writing within 28 days of your return. Any disputes that cannot be settled amicably may be referred to arbitration under a special scheme which, though devised by ABTA, is administered by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Building Works

Building and the resultant noise from sites adjacent to any of the villas, apartments or hotels featured in our brochure may occur at any time. When we have notice prior to your departure we will advise you immediately and if necessary offer you alternative accommodation or if unable to offer you similar or superior accommodation will reduce the cost of the accommodation. We cannot be held liable for any construction work which commences after your arrival and/or of which neither we or our agents have prior knowledge or warning.

Foreign Office

For more information on travelling abroad please visit the official Foreign Office Travel website.