Explore Tanzania ?>

Explore Tanzania

The stunning expanses of Tanzania – filled with some of the world’s most enigmatic wildlife – are some of the last wildernesses easily accessible to travelers. The most beautiful and remote areas of the reserve are in the Northern Serengeti, where you’ll be able to spot cheetah cubs and huge herds of elephants.

Take a luxury Tanzanian holiday in July or October and you’ll be in with a strong chance of seeing the annual wildebeest migration, as a million of these creatures push through the landscape. Here are a few more ideas for this trip of a lifetime:

Explore the Serengeti

The Serengeti is among (if not the best) places to see the Big Five in Africa. Its huge plains are inhabited only by Maasai tribes, wildebeest, lions, cheetahs, and many other animals. Stay at one of the areas fantastic lodges and you’ll be taken on guided safaris with experts who seem to know exactly where the baby elephants are playing and lazy leopards are chilling out!

Take a hot air balloon ride

There are few ways to really appreciate the vast elegance of the Tanzanian landscape, but sailing silently above it in a hot air balloon is one memorable way to do it. Flights over the Serengeti are the most popular, probably because of the wildlife-spotting opportunities from a completely different viewpoint.

Hike to the Ngorongoro Crater

This famous crater formed when a giant volcano exploded and collapsed on itself two to three million years ago. It’s is 610 metres deep its basin covers 260 km2. As a result, Ngorongoro is a kind of natural enclosure for a variety of wildlife such as lions and wildebeest. As you descend, keep your eyes peeled for more wildlife. Rhino are a popular spot here as this part of Tanzania is one of the best areas to see these critically endangered beasts.

Venture into Manyara National Park

This scenic reserve is popular for seeing herds of elephants and hippos in the wild. Set along the edge of the Rift Valley, where modern man is said to have evolved, you’ll have a sense of feeling very small. Birds fill the area and over 400 species have been recorded here. Although relatively small, Manyara is a fantastic place for seeing a variety of habitats – from jungle to grasslands, lakes, hot springs and woodland –  with wildlife to match.

Chill out at Lake Tanganyika

This lake is the perfect chill-out spot after a few days of safari. You can swim to your heart’s content in the waters of the lake, fish for your dinner, admire the distant Mahale Mountains, and sit by its shores at night watching out for shooting stars.

Go boutique in the Selous Game Reserve

This little reserve doesn’t have the high-octane draw of the Serengeti but its gorgeous luxury lodges offer a more intimate experience. Take a boat trip on the lakes in search of hippos, walk through the bush with a guide and camp out under the stars.


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