Dreaming of a holiday home ?>

Dreaming of a holiday home

If you’re interested in buying a holiday home, you may have thought about where you might look or what sort of property you might buy. However, these questions just scratch the surface of the process of buying a holiday home.

Why Do You Want a Holiday Home?

It’s likely that you are buying a holiday home for the lifestyle, of being able to go on holiday whenever you want, but there are other factors to take into account too. If you plan on renting it out whenever you’re not there, then you need to consider what other people might want from the property (i.e. location and amenities). You may also want to consider the benefits of capital growth or investment when buying a holiday home.

Before you look at properties you should know how much work you are willing to put into the property. For instance, the property might have great views, but there is no furniture and you’ll have to decorate, which could mean a lot of time and money before you even start renting it out.

Will You Get Bookings?

When looking at homes to purchase for holiday letting, you need to consider whether there is a demand in the area, or whether you could offer something that other holiday lets can’t, such as pet-friendly. If there is demand for holiday lets all year round, then you’re likely to be attracting more holiday makers and therefore bringing more rental in than if there is only demand in the summer holidays.

Think about what you want in a holiday let when you go travelling, such as the location in relation to attractions and how well connected the property is. Think about amenities such as a pool, air conditioning, internet, log fires, etc.

Looking After the Property and the Holiday Makers

The location should also be a factor when you’re considering how you will manage the property. Who will look after it? Employing an agency or a local that you know and trust is the best idea if you are far away. They may take a cut of your earnings, but it can make owning a holiday let a lot less stressful.

Taking photos

Wherever we head to in to the world, we take photos of the wonderful things that amaze and inspire us. Ask anyone why they love to take photos as they travel, and they will tell you that these images help them to remember a wonderful destination or a fantastic trip they’ve taken. Sounds simple enough.

Why then, do so many of us return home from our holiday armed with a plethora of amazing photographs, which we’ve put so much time and effort into creating, only to leave them rotting away on a computer hard drive or confined to the memory cards of our digital cameras?

Nowadays, there is so much more that we can do than having our photo’s developed and choosing our favourites to gather dust in frames on the mantelpiece. Your holiday photos can be transformed into a piece of artwork that will remind you of your holiday for years to come and could even amaze you with your own skills as a photographer!

If you’ve created a stunning selection of images of a favourite holiday destination, why not create a unique photobook? This can be a collection of your favourite holiday photographs or a book of images of one destination.

As well putting existing good photos to use, knowing that you intend to make a photobook is also a fantastic way of structuring what you take photos of when you’re on the holiday. If for example you’d like to capture architecture, you can focus on searching for and photographing beautiful architecture at your chosen destination.

Take a look at the examples of the awe-inspiring Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire for some inspiration about photographing architecture and landmarks.


(Caption for image: If you plan on making a photobook, choose a theme like architecture or nature before you start taking photos, to give your collection consistency.)

(Caption for image: Choose a subject and photograph it from different viewpoints and angles. Experiment with your shots until you find one you’re pleased with.)

Readers should check out Jessops Photo, which offers services including photobooks, for even more ideas to inspire you to do great things with your holiday photos.

Don’t let your wonderful holiday photos go to waste. Use them to create an end product, like a photobook, to create a unique and beautiful memento of your favourite destinations.

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